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Changing The Past Chapter 9

Meanwhile... on the other side of the island...

Eric and Johnny stared at each other from different sides of the beach.

"What do we do now?" Johnny questioned. Eric merely shrugged.

"I have no idea."

Suddenly, out of a tree came the giant green creature of Shang Tsung's. His green eyes pierced the fighters, as he spoke. "Begin." he hissed.

Just then, Eric jumped with the speed of light, grabbed Johnny in a headlock, and whispered in his ear, "One of us has to take the fall." Nodding his head, Johnny let Eric know that he had a plan developing. Johnny made it look like he was struggling with Eric. Eric then leaned over and told Johnny "I'll take the fall."

Soon after, Johnny started throwing fake punches to Eric's gut., then threw a shadow kick which to the illusion of others made it look like he hit Eric.

Eric fell to the ground, holding his stomach. Reptile nodded, pleased, and looked up at Johnny.

"Finish him." He hissed. Johnny shook his head.

"Nobody said anything about killing him."

"FINISH HIM!" He hissed again.

"C'mon Eric, get up. Let's go see how Sonya's doing."

He reached out his hand, but it was not grabbed. Instead, blood squirted on it. Johnny watched in horror as Reptile came down and with one move, cut off the Special Forces Agent's head.

"Johnny Cage wins, fatality." With that the reptile was gone.

Liu watched Goro intently. After a few rounds of back and forth, the monster was worn down. Liu grabbed the four-armed creature by the arms and rolled on his back, throwing him into a wall. Goro fell to his knees, and Liu quickly kicked him twice in the head, knocking him out.

"Liu!" Liu turned as Johnny caught up with him. "Liu! Where's Sonya?" He wiped sweat off his face.

"Shang took her. Where's Eric?" The look in Johnny's face relayed shame, as he paused to think of an answer.

"He's dead."

"Well, come on we gotta go find Sonya."

Sonya moaned as she slowly regained consciousness. Pain careened through her back and her head.

"That's right, baby, wake up." Sonya moved her head up to view Kano, who was taunting her.

Sonya slowly rose off her knees, where she had been laying. Her hands were tied off to the sides of her. She turned to survey her surroundings.

Shang Tsung was watching her as well.

"How are you feeling my dear?" he asked tenderly.

"W-what happened?"

He stood from his throne.

"Your friends are dead." he told her. "You are the only surviving earthling."

"No!" she whispered faintly. "You lie!"

"Do I?" He laughed as he waved a hand. A picture appeared in front of her, of Eric laying on the ground with his head cut off. Sonya gasped.

"Now." he said, the picture disappearing. "It seems that we have a final match to attend to. Since you are the only surviving member, I suppose you will have to do."

"I will not fight you Shang Tsung!" she protested. "I only saw one picture of a dead person. My friends are still alive, and they are coming for me."

"They're aleady here." A voice came from behind. Johnny Cage and Liu Kang stepped in from the doorway.

"E-eric?" Sonya questioned.

"He's gone." Johnny answered apologetically.

"Enough is enough." Shang interrupted their conversation. "Sieze them!"

Five guards appeared and flanked the warriors. Liu Kang stepped forward.

"Stop running, Shang, and face me!"

"I do not run." Shang replied, infuriated.

"Well, Sonya refuses your challenge, so you have to fight either me or Johnny."

"Very well then." Shang answered. "I'll fight you."